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At Mortgage Loan Center, we’re proud to help first-time homebuyers secure the best financing for their situation.

We know how overwhelming it can be to buy your first home. Do you need a 20% down payment? Is perfect credit required? 

These are just a few of the questions borrowers ask us and we’re always happy to help.

The good news is you don’t need perfect credit or a large down payment. We offer a variety of loan options that range from no down payment to large down payments and bad credit to perfect credit.

We work with each applicant to find the program that fits your needs rather than trying to fit you into a one-size-fits-all mold. Get a first time home buyer loan today!

Here’s how we help first-time homebuyers.

A Variety of Loan Options:

First-time homebuyers have many loan options, but most borrowers don’t realize it. At Mortgage Loan Center we offer:

  • FHA loans with a 3.5% down payment
  • Conventional loans with a 3% down payment
  • VA loans with no down payment
  • USDA loans with no down payment

first time home buyer loanWe’ll discuss your eligibility for each program and go over your options. If you qualify for multiple loans or different loan terms, we’ll lay out your options for you so you can choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Affordable Loan Terms

We know that buying your first home is exciting and overwhelming. We’re here to help you find the most affordable loan term.

We offer fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans. If you would like to compare both options, we’ll provide a quote for both, giving you options. A fixed-rate loan stays the same for the life of the loan and an adjustable-rate loan changes annually after the initial period.

We also offer loans on a variety of terms ranging from 15 years to 30 years. We can offer tailored loan terms that meet your budget requirements while ensuring you meet the qualifying requirements for the loan. Get a first time home buyer loan today!

Let Mortgage Loan Center Help you Buy your First Home!

Our professionals are experienced in helping first-time homebuyers. We’re here to help you every step of the way, whether you know what you want or you don’t understand the mortgage process and how it works.

We’ll help you understand your options, look at the monthly payment, and the total cost of the loan over its lifetime. Buying a home is one of the largest investments of your lifetime, and we are here to make sure it’s a successful one. Call us today and let’s get started!

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